Components of Res-Mar include:

  • Extra virgin olive oil cold pressed
  • Avena sativa (oatmeal)
  • Aloe barbadensis Miller
  • Agrimonia
  • Helianthus annuus (sunflower)
  • Silibum marianum
  • Calendula officinalis (calendula)
  • Betulla (birch)
  • Sideritis incana
  • Daucus carota (carrot).

Olive oil is the main ingredient in Res-Mar and serves as a base. Most of the herbs mentioned above are freshly picked and then put through a long-term fermentation process (4-9 months). To make 80 kilograms of the product we use 150 liters of olive oil, 200 kilograms of silybum marianum and corresponding amounts of the rest of the herbs according to proper proportions.

Sideritis incana, birch (betulla), calendula (calendula officinalis) and carrot leaves (daucus carato) contribute to healing wounds, psoriasis and hair growth. Burr (agrimonia), sylybum marianum, olive oil, sunflower oil, sea salt and aloe barbadensis Miller stimulate hair growth.

Burr (agrimonia)

Its leaves and flowers have a large amount of tannin, which provide antiseptic qualities and can be used both topically and orally. It also stimulates healing of wounds and stabilizing of circulation.

Olive oil

It consists of quinine alkaloids, mineral matters, tannins, mannit and organic acids. Also as part of its composition there is iridium glycoside that has positive effects on smooth muscle of the blood vessel walls and helps coronary and peripheral blood vessel expansion. It also possesses anti-arrhythmic and anti-spasmatic qualities and may have a positive effect on hypertension.

Sunflower oil

Sunflower oil is rich in unsaturated fat that has a positive effect on the functionality of the heart, contains vitamin E, which helps with rough flaky skin.

Sea salt

Sea salt cuts the amounts of nitrates in the body.

Aloe barbadensis Miller

Regulates secretion of hydrochloric acid, regenerates sores (ulcerous matter), promoting speedy healing. It is used in liver, gastro-intestinal tract malfunctions as well as other diseases.

Sidertis incana

Possesses antibiotic qualities as well as antiseptic flavonoids. It has positive effects with dyspensia, gastritis and ulcers.

Birch (betulla)

Helps to rid of extra fluids in a body (dehydrates). It is used in cases with kidney stones, menstrual symptoms, ulcers and wounds.

Calendula (calendula officinalis)

Is used in cases of spasms and as a disinfecting treatment, an antiseptic.

Carrot leaves (daucus carota)

Has white flowers and leaves, that has an appearance of an “umbrella”.