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“Lets be healthy!” – Espaniola N50 November 11-17, 2008

It is not the first time that we have written about Marina Resneeva and her treatment Res-Mar in our paper. Marina invented a hair treatment, based on different herbs that restores damaged follicles, improves hair structure and promotes hair growth.

It seems like everything has been already said… However life itself brings us back to this sensitive and painful for some topic. Not that long ago a description of a study done by Japanese scientists has appeared on internet regarding youth elixir that they have been researching. A group of researches from “Lion Corporation” company were trying to create a potion that would regenerate scalp and hair follicles. It turned out that these respected Japanese minds have been basing their research on Marina’s treatment Res-Mar. To be fair, we must mention that they made it known to Marina that they have begun their studies using her treatment. They also have invested more than one hundred thousand dollars into researching of medicinal qualities of Res-Mar. As a result they produced a two hundred page scientific study, that describes unbelievable possibilities of the new treatment and its future use in the modern medicine. It must be mentioned that along with Japanese researchers doing this study, there were also scientists from Cambridge University. Their main conclusion was that the new treatment possesses medicinal qualities on a genetic level. However we will discuss genetics a bit later. Right now we want to share our amazement that this upside-down pyramid of these venerable scientists has poured out into internet their achievements in youth restoration, based on the treatment that has been developed by Marina Resneeva. Certainly she is flattered that she stands at the foundation of a miracle treatment. However it is surprising to find out that none of the large pharmaceutical companies desire to cooperate with her. She has been offered to sell her invention and step aside. The rest of the product development would be done in closed science labs. And all the glory along with an unthinkable revenue could go to these pharmaceutical giants and not the Russian inventor. Marina feels pressured by these giants, to the point of being threatened. Every woman knows how much money we spend on cosmetics. Everyone realizes what kind of money revolves in the industry of “beauty and youth”. Therefore it is not surprising to anyone, that strangers and their inventions are not being so easily let inside this multibillion dollar business. Even more so, since those who make the financial decisions, clearly understand that the new product can burst current cosmetics market. Several hair transplant clinics in Spain began to secretly use Marina’s product. They clearly understand that in time, after hair transplant, many hair follicles are rejected and fall out that brings to a failure an expensive surgery. In order to overcome this problem and to regenerate natural hair growth many clinics began to use Res-Mar, without disclosing it and keeping this fact in secret. The results didn’t wait long to make themselves known. Clients of such clinics confirmed clear improvement of the hair growth.

Returning to our conversation regarding genetics, I myself in my own experience can confirm that Res-Mar has its effects on a genetic level. Here is my story. I began loosing hair at a pretty young age. As it is common in many men, my hair started to thin out from the top of my head and it began to spread throughout. The reason I am brining genetics into this is because the process of my hair loss was identical to my father’s and grandfather’s. I clearly remember how in soviet times my father was trying to stop hair loss using the Czech treatment Londestral, which claimed to stop hair loss and restore hair growth. All his attempts were done in vein. He tried for 2 or 3 years and then quit and never trusted any commercials or treatments and just observed his progressively growing bald area. Perhaps this certainty in genetic proneness within biological processes of our body and inability to change anything in genetic processes, made me skeptical in regards of Res-Mar. Marina and I have argued many times regarding possibility of changing what nature has intended. Each time both left the argument with our own opinion. These arguments were going on as long as 2 years or longer. Marina suggested an experiment – for me to just try the treatment on my own and if it turns out to be effective I would honestly write about it in a newspaper. After a two year dispute I agreed but only on one condition – that I would pay for the treatment like any customer so that I could untie my hands and be able to freely write the truth. I also realized that there would not be any harm from a blend of herbs since there is not chemical influence on my body. It’s all organic. Six months ago I began this experiment.

And now, in order to fulfill my promise given to Marina, I have to admit that Res-Mar has unique qualities. In place of my bald spot that has been there for years, hair began to grow. And this process is getting stronger. Having looked at my scalp under the microscope I can see many new hair follicles with young hair growing in place that was as smooth as a knee cap. And from month to month the process is getting stronger.

I would like to mention a very important moment. It is crucial to use the treatment for several months in order to achieve results. It will not happen if you think that you can cover your head with this potion and in the morning you wake up with a head full of beautiful hair. A miracle will not happen! I.e. this is a gradual process. And only those who are patient and diligent in several months will see the results.

If you notice that you are starting to loose hair or that there is a balding spot on your head – do not procrastinate, go to Marina. The sooner you begin to take care of your hair, the sooner you will be able to bring back youth and beauty to your hair.

To confirm my words I can refer to a Res-Mar review given of by our fellow citizen Inna Kostenko. Inna has lived in Spain for 5 years and is a professional model. Two years ago she noticed that her hair became brittle and began to fall out. The young lady went to Marina. And now, 1.5 years of continuous use of treatment, Inna is winning in many international castings, where girls with most beautiful hair win. Today Inna’s pictures can be seen in many hair salons in London. Her beautiful hair is being used in advertisements by many shampoo producers. If it is of any interest you can see Inna’s hair today on website:

I will continue with my own experiment. I will let the readers know about the process and results in 2009. I wish everyone a Happy New Year, much luck, happiness and health. Health is directly connected with beauty, including hair beauty.

Be happy!

Alexander Izyumov.