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Entry: Patent N 200401775 (9)

“Topical product to be used to treat hair loss and skin diseases”

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Appl. No.: P 200401775
Publication number: 2258384
Patent name of invention
Inventor: Marina A. Resneeva

Patent provided without prior examination on the newness, innovative experiences and sufficiency of description of patent application.

In conjunction with current Patent Law No 11/1986 of March 20th, current document is issued to provide a patent to invention according to the description and provided formula as well as other items of the application. Application was processed and issued after principal provision, requesting a report of technical condition with prior examination of basic patent requirements.

The inventor is given right to exclusivity on the national territory, according to conditions and terms, recorded in item 6 of Patent Law No 11/1986. Duration of the patent is 20 years beginning from February 7th 2005.

Granted patent is issued without afflicting harm to the interest of third person and without guarantee of value and positive results of the invention on government’s part.

There is an annual tax fee that must be paid in order to maintain patent. In addition, the invention has to be exploited by the inventor or his/her trustee, who has been properly authorized for the duration of 4 years after application has been submitted or 3 years after the publication of industrial property has been published.

Madrid, July 1 2007
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