Here you’ll find answers to some of the questions we are asked most frequently.

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    • 1. Does Res-Mar have an expiration date?
      Since Res-Mar is a product made by the process of fermentation of herbs and olive oil, it does not have an expiration date and thus does not spoil. This product should be kept in a cool dark place (in a protected from sunlight place, in a refrigerator).
    • 2. What is the way by which Res-Mar is delivered?
      First it is delivered by the post office of Spain, then postal services of the country where the order has been made from. Tracking is available. Package is insured for the price of the order. Maximum amount of a single delivery is 9 liters.
    • 6. Are there any side effects to Res-Mar?
      There has not been a single case of any side effects with the people that have used the product, however if you have allergies, pay attention to the ingredients and consult a physician whom you trust. Pharmaceutically there have not been determined any side effects of the extracts used in the ingredients.