An effective natural treatment against hair loss, alopecia, dandruff and other hair and scalp diseases

Produced by patented technology based on olive oil, herbal and plant extracts that underwent long-term fermentation

Nourishes skin and hair restoring hair damage and strength

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About “Res-Mar” res-inst

“Res-Mar” is prepared with an elaborate combination of herbs and plants that complement each other and have an integrated effect on both hair and scalp.


Fights against bacteria,
parasites and fungi


Strengthens the
immune system


PH balance


Nourishes hair
with vitamins and minerals

While eliminating the causes of hair and skin diseases, “Res-Mar” creates a healthy environment
for hair growth, restores lost and repairs damaged hair restoring its natural beauty.

In most cases, improvement can be noticed within several weeks of treatment.

Before using “Res-Mar”

After three months use

After six months use



I have alopecia for 38 years now and scalp psoriasis for over 20 years. Over that time, I tried everything there was available against hair loss and all pharmacy treatments against psoriasis. By the first 2 months of using Res-Mar not only there grew hair where it didn’t before, but also the disease that was disturbing me for so many years was gone. By the end of 10 months treatment, there grew the hair on my vertex covering a bold spot of 7 centimeters in diameter. What is remarkable – it was not grey, but chestnut brown, which is its natural color. I started to work out and I look 10 years younger than before. I know that I am not wasting my time using Res-Mar as I see myself looking a bit younger every day.
Juan Lopes (61 years)
I started using “Res-Mar” a year ago, when my hair became thinner and shorter (due to frequent hair lightening and using hair extensions). I applied it three times a week and my hair tripled in volume, its quality improved and I noticed it was full of life again! I work for Marbella television and also participate in advertising projects of a model agency. My new hair already got me several offers as a model for hair salon commercials and advertisements, as well as hairdresser competitions. I’ve already recommended “Res-Mar” to all my friends.
Inna Kustenko (30 years)
I am 25 years old, when I was 8 I had alopecia areata with a bold spot of 2 centimeters in diameter. At the age of 13 I lightened my hair for the first time and as a result lost half of its volume. When I was 17 I started using Res-Mar. At first my hair loss stopped, then after a month of treatment my bald spot was covered with new hair. After achieving such results I relaxed and stopped using the product. I began to color my hair again. At the age of 22, when my hair was damaged and thin, I once again started using Res-Mar. After just 3 months of treatment my hair doubled in volume, grew quite long and its quality significantly improved. Now I apply Res-Mar once every two weeks as a preventive measure or during spring and autumn seasonal hair shedding in which case it stops immediately. I am very happy with my results!
Alena Rodionova (25 years)

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